Ad Overload? Here's One More

If it seems like there's a new campaign ad (or three) coming out every day, that's because there just about is: As the Wall Street Journal notes today, each Democratic candidate unveiled five new ads each in one week alone, prompting political advertising fatigue in some voters. As the paper points out, 228 television ads have been running on an average day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the state capitol.

"It's enough to drive you crazy," Cathy Walbert, a Pennsylvanian who saw six political ads in one hour of television viewing, told the Journal.

But despite the fact that, in the words of Charles Rosen, "a large part of the public is burned out" on such ads, we're still keeping track. And we wanted to point you to a(nother) new ad from the Obama campaign, which the campaign says is a response to Clinton's controversial "Kitchen" spot. (The Obama campaign calls that Clinton spot the "fear" ad.)

"Who has what it takes to really bring change?," an announcer asks in the spot. "To finally take on the special interests - not take their money. Who made the right judgment about opposing the war and had the courage and character to speak honestly about it. And who in times of challenge will unite us - not use fear and calculation to divide us."

Then the video cuts to Obama giving a speech.

"We are one people," the Democratic senator says. "All of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes. All of us defending the United States of America."

Watch it: