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"Veep's" Tony Hale on how Julia Louis-Dreyfus sets the tone on set

Emmy-winner Tony Hale is the co-star of the hit HBO series "Veep," now in its fifth season. Hale plays Gary, the longtime loyal associate and "body man" to Selina Meyer, the now-president of the U.S. played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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"Oh, [Selina is] awful. It's abuse," Hale said Friday on "CBS This Morning, describing their characters' dynamics. "He adores her! He doesn't hear it. It's like he's just got rose-colored glasses on. It's a very abusive relationship, but he just bounces back like it never happened."

Before shooting the show, Hale said he met with a staffer who worked for a famous politician.

"This guy like had no social life, never saw his family. And then he moved on. My character is done into his 40s. He just doesn't want to move on. He has no identity outside of Selina Meyer," Hale said.

Despite the on-screen abuse, in real life, Hale said the "Veep" cast is like a big family.

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"I love my show, and I love the people I work with," Hale said. "And I think with comedy, you have entitlement and arrogance -- it creates a tense environment. It sucks creative energy out."

Hale, whose character is often seen hovering behind the president, spoke highly of Louis-Dreyfus.

"Whoever's number one on the call sheet, who's the star, sets the tone. And she's so giving and kind and a team player -- and that makes a massive difference," Hale said.

Hale was a cast member in "Arrested Development," playing the quirky and neurotic Buster Bluth.

"I play emasculated and meek very well. It's a strength of mine," he said, laughing. "A lot of therapy."

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