Actor Michael C. Hall and author Harlan Coben talk new series, "Safe"

Michael C. Hall and Harlan Coben on "Safe"

Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall is starring in a new Netflix original drama, "Safe," created by New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben. It follows surgeon Tom Delaney, a grief-stricken widower trying to find answers when his teenage daughter goes missing.

Hall and Coben joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new drama and how the series explores the relationship between parents and teens.

"There were three moments when I read the first script that my jaw dropped. That was a good sign," Hall said. "It was a fusion of so many things: a thriller, a family drama, a character study."  

Hall is best known for his portrayal of a serial killer who abides by a particular moral code in "Dexter" and of the closeted director of his family's funeral home in the ensemble drama "Six Feet Under."

"It was nice to play someone to whom crazy things are happening to," Hall said of his character, who's described as "a regular guy."  

"He's six months from being widowed and is a newly-single father of two girls – one 16, one 12 – and he's finding himself a little out of his depth in terms of his ability to be a good father and have any sense of what's going on with them. And I guess one important thing he reveals to his friend at the beginning of the first episode is that he's downloaded this software that allows him to track her messages on her phone," Hall said.  

"That question of how close do you watch them on the internet and, boy, does it explode in his face when he does," Coben added. "When a teenage party goes wrong, a lot of secrets are going to come pouring out."

For Coben, whose books have been published in 43 languages, making the eight-episode series for Netflix was just a new way for him to tell stories.

"It's like a novel put right on the screen. I want you to binge it the way you binge a novel," he said. 

"Safe" is available to stream on Netflix starting May 10 – and Coben promises you won't guess the ending. 

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