Actor Fails City Cabs

There are a lot of New Yorkers who share Danny Glover's frustration.

The 52-year-old actor says he is fed up with the treatment he gets from New York cab drivers.

He claims taxis pass him by because he's black, and discriminate in other ways against black passengers. That's why he is filing a complaint with the city agency that regulates cabs and suggesting more diversity training for drivers.

Glover, best known for his Lethal Weapon movies, says he was bypassed several times one day last month by a string of cabs in Manhattan.

The six-foot-four actor also says a driver refused to let him sit in the front seat, even though he had a hip injury and needed the room, and his daughter and a friend were in the back.

A regulatory official has promised to "aggressively investigate" Glover's complaints.