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ACM's: Will Miranda Lambert continue to reign?

At just 27 years old, country music star Miranda Lambert is on top of her game. She's got platinum albums, a song at the top of the charts, and she's hauling in awards left and right.

She has quickly become country music royalty and she's up for seven Academy of Country Music Awards - this after winning a Grammy and three CMA Awards this past year.

Is there anything stopping this vocal powerhouse and passionate country performer?

"You know when 2010 ended I was a little bit sad to see it go, because 2010 was just, everything kept happening and my career went to a new level and I got engaged," she tells "Early Show" contributor Ayla Brown. "And 2011 started off with the ACM nominations so I was like 'okay that works, it's a good start.'"

A good start indeed. To top off her success, Lambert has been lucky in the love department as well. Her soon-to-be husband and fellow country star Blake Shelton will be co-hosting the ACM's Sunday night.

Shelton, Lambert's biggest supporter, has no doubt that she will be a hit at the ACM's this year.

"She deserves to win a bunch of them. I think she should win all of them. Song of the year, and I started to say video of the year. But I'm up for that. So I hope she doesn't win that," he admits.

Is there any competition between the country power couple?

"No. If she takes home some ACMs...if she takes home video of the year, that we're up against each other on, I mean all those awards go in the same house anyway," Shelton says.

There's no doubt this country power-couple is on the top of their game --- and come May they'll make their six-year romance official and tie the knot.

Lambert says she is "very excited, you know he's awesome, he's the greatest guy and we've been together for a long time and we're best friends so it's fun to get to marry your best friend."

With their busy schedules, do they have time for a honeymoon?

"Definitely, all I want to do is spend time together. Because this summer's going to be crazy. It's going to be 'got married, ok, see ya later," she jokes. "We did take time off in May just to spend time together."

Whether she's thinking about love or signing about fighting, this singer and songwriter funnels her emotions into her music.

What does she think about when she writes?

"It just depends, I mean I think I really write honestly, so whatever mood I'm in is what I write, you know. If it's a romantic song I was feeling' lovely, if it's a kick-ass song I was probably pissed off at somebody," she admits.

So all of her songs that Lambert writes where she's really pissed off - does Shelton thing any of them written about him?

"I know that they are. There's been several songs that are on her albums that were written about me. None of the ones about, you know, burning somebody's house down and stabbing them to death. Even after they're already dead continuing to stab them, kick them," Shelton jokes.

She's a tough girl - but with a sweet spot for her pets. Lambert is an animal lover, and has seven dogs to prove it.

"We have Delta, Delilah and Sherry, and Jesse and Wayland, the Golden Retriever mixes, and we have Virginia and Betty, coon-hound.

Are you ever worried that she'll come home and have another dog at the house?

"Ever worried?" Shelton asks. "It's not something that happened once, it's something that happens continuously. She has brought 11 dogs to the house in three years."

Does this bother Shelton at all?

"Yes, it bothers me...bad," he admits.

Happiness is just the beginning with these two. With all the success that Lambert and Shelton have, this couple is taking over the country music world.

"We both have this awesome year under our belt, and I feel like it keeps getting bigger and better and we're just really supportive of each other," Lambert says. "It used to be a little bit of friendly competition, but now things are going so great for both of us, that we're just like, I'm so happy for everything he gets to do, and him for me.I'm so happy for everything that he gets to do, and him for me."

Tune into CBS Sunday night at 8/7 central to see the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

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