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ACLU, Parents Challenge Uniform Dress Code


NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Kids often rail against uniforms because they mean style limitations. But why would parents fight a uniform dress code?

According to American Civil Liberties Union complaint on behalf of four Woonsocket, R.I., parents, uniforms would be an added financial burden for families.

Additionally, the ACLU says the uniforms won't do anything to improve the quality of education at kids' schools.

The policy -- due to be implemented next month -- requires public school students to wear black or khaki pants, maroon or gray pants and closed-toe shoes. The only writing allowed on shirts is the school logo.

The ACLU filed the complaint with the state on Wednesday and has asked Rhode Island's education commissioner to block the city from imposing the dress code. No date has been set for a hearing.

School Superintendent Robert Gerardi says many other school districts around the country have dress codes. He says many parents in Woonsocket have embraced the change.

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