Accused Tyler Clementi harasser Dharun Ravi claims evidence was witheld

Tyler Clementi
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Not guilty plea for Dharun Ravi, suspected Tyler Clementi harrasser
From left to right, Molly Wei, Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi.

(CBS/WCBS/AP) TRENTON, N.J. - Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate Tyler Clementi's sexual encounter with another man, wants his case dismissed because evidence of the teenager's state of mind before he committed suicide wasn't presented to the grand jury that indicted him. 

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Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge in September 2010, days after the spying incident. 

Ravi's attorneys claim prosecutors are withholding evidence that could help clear their client. The most serious charge against Ravi is bias intimidation, which alleges that Ravi acted because Clementi was gay, and carries prison time. Ravi pleaded not guilty to that and other charges, reports CBS station WCBS.

According to the Star-Ledger Ravi's defense attorney is asking the prosecution for documents from Clementi's computer and dorm room that could shed light on his state of mind around the time of his suicide.

Dharun Ravi remained silent during his arraignment on May 23. 

The court appearance was brief, but the Clementi family was in the courtroom and their short statement afterward spoke volumes about their desire to see Ravi face a stiff punishment.

"Today, Mr. Ravi is being arraigned on multiple counts alleging criminal acts against our son, Tyler. Our family is grateful for the active work of the prosecutor's office in this case. We are eager to see the criminal justice process move forward," said Joe Clementi, Tyler's father, reports the station.

The Clementis also spoke in May following a court appearance for 19-year-old Molly Wei. Prosecutors said she and Ravi watched the webcam encounter from her dorm room.

She accepted a plea deal, and entered a pre-trial intervention program, which will allow for the criminal charges against her to be dropped if she upholds her end of the agreement. That could include her testimony against Ravi.

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