"Accomplice" To Turn On Simpson?

O.J. Simpson leaves the Clark County Detention Center after he was granted bail in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007.
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
Trouble never seems to leave former football great O.J. Simpson. On Monday co-defendant Michael McClinton is expected to make a plea deal and agree to testify against him.

Two other defendants, Walter Alexander and Charles Cashmore, have already pled guilty to reduced charges in exchange for their testimony against Simpson.

Simpson was found not guilty to the 1994 murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

MccClinton is allegedly the first man through the door when the robbery occurred and allegedly pointed a gun at sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong, who is still recovering from a heart attack that he suffered after the incident.

2"All the rats are jumping ship now," he told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "Everybody's trying to save themselves and going ahead and decided to testify against O.J. So people are starting to find out that what I had said happened actually happened exactly the way we said it did."

Fromong says that Simpson and McClinton broke into his Las Vegas hotel room with guns but Simpson, who was friendly with Fromong, was surprised to see the sports dealer there, Fromong said.

"Well, he was the last one into the room, and as he came in, that's when they, you know, somebody had said, you know, 'Put the gun down,' " Fromong said. "And then everything, you know, just started going wild after that."

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Since the incident, Fromong said he has lost a lot of respect for Simpson and says he needs "medical help."

"You know, I think that he's out of control now," he said. "This is what I've talked about in the past, you know, the changing of the old O.J. compared to the O.J. that we know nowadays. And he's been, you know, he's made some bad choices lately. I mean, some really bad choices, and this was one of them. Because when he came walking in, you know, I looked at him, and I'm thinking, 'O.J., how can you be this stupid?' I mean, even if he does want this stuff, he doesn't come back in."

Fromong says he is still recovering and the doctors told him it would take three to five months before he knows if there is any lasting damage. In the meantime he has been working with Las Vegas police on the case.

"They're being very thorough about their investigation and making sure that, you know, the facts are correct and that, you know, when this thing goes to trial or whatever the outcome is that it's done in a fair and precise manner," he said.