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South Carolina governor responds to court decision overturning his executive order on abortion

Henry McMaster on "The Takeout"
South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on "The Takeout" — 11/1/19 49:35

There's "no constitutional right" for a woman to have an abortion, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster told CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett during this week's episode of "The Takeout" podcast. McMaster also responded to a recent federal court decision overruling his executive order that prevented Medicaid funds from being used for abortion services.

"Most taxpayers in this state do not favor their money being spent on abortions," McMaster said. "We intend to take the case, follow up and go to the Supreme Court."

Major Garrett interviews South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster on "The Takeout." October 2019 CBS News - LaCrai Mitchell

The South Carolina governor argued that Planned Parenthood should not be receiving federal funds.

"If they can't use those funds, that will greatly inhibit their ability to give abortion, and they're the only ones doing it," McMaster said.

"They promote abortions. They don't just give them. They promote abortions," McMaster continued, in reference to Planned Parenthood.

The South Carolina legislature is considering a "heartbeat bill," which would ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Several similar restrictive bills have recently passed in other states, and some have been overturned by federal courts. McMaster supports the bill.

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