Abbegayle Dorn, Denver cop with "American Gladiators" past, under investigation for steriod use, report says

Abbegayle Dorn
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Abbegayle Dorn
CBS Denver

(CBS) DENVER - Abbegayle Dorn, a Denver police officer and former competitor on the 2008 season of the television show "American Gladiators," is being investigated on allegations of procuring and using steroids, according to CBS Denver.

Denver Police Lt. Matt Murray confirmed, "Officer Dorn is under investigation," says the station.

Murray told CBS Denver that Dorn has been taken off of active street duty and she will carry out "administrative duties" during the internal investigation. 

Three law enforcement officials familiar with Dorn's case said that the FBI investigated her possible connection to steroid purchases over a year ago, but did not bring criminal charges.

CBS Denver says if authorities find that Dorn lied to the police about her steroid use, she could be terminated.

The station reports that in 2011, the city of Denver paid a plaintiff $30,000 in an out-of-court settlement after he sued Dorn for using excessive force on him.