Abbegayle Dorn, Denver cop with "American Gladiators" past, resigns amid steroid accusations

Abbegayle Dorn
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Abbegayle Dorn
CBS Denver

(CBS) DENVER - Abbegayle Dorn, a Denver police officer and former competitor on the 2008 season of the television show "American Gladiators," resigned from the Denver Police Department Tuesday amid accusations she allegedly procured and used steroids, CBS Denver reports.

The station reports Dorn became the focus of an internal investigation by the police department in May. Dorn had been taken off of active street duty and was instead assigned administrative duties while the situation was being assessed.

Three law enforcement sources familiar with the case reportedly say the investigation began when the FBI probed Dorn's possible connections to steroid purchases over a year ago. No criminal charges were ever filed, however the police department decided to continue to investigate the allegations, the station reports.

Sonny Jackson, a spokesperson for the Denver police, told CBS Denver Dorn's resignation will likely put an end to the internal affairs investigation.

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