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Wanted: Home for blind U.K. dog and his seeing eye buddy

Last month, two abandoned elderly dogs -- one of which was blind -- had no chance of finding a home together.

Today, people from all over the world are calling to ask about the inseparable pair.

Thousands of people have taken interest after hearing the heartwarming story behind the blind dog named Glenn and his sidekick, a 9-year-old "seeing eye dog" named Buzz.

The two dogs, a Jack Russell terrier and a Staffordshire Bull terrier, were rescued from a sea tunnel in Hartlepool, England, and taken to Stray Aid animal shelter.

The white Jack Russell is completely blind in both eyes, and his buff best friend Buzz is glued to his side. That's why the animal shelter is refusing to separate them.

It's clear that they've been for quite a long time, Stray Aid Center Manager John Bielby told CBS News.

"If one of them is taken out, the other will become distressed and start to cry," Bielby explained. "They have to be kept together -- they don't like be being separated."

Buzz takes the lead. He always goes first, and the "little one" follows.

The strong Staffordshire Bull terrier acts as Glenn's eyes. He walks alongside the dog, makes a loud noise while eating his meals and even allows the small dog to finish off his dinner.

"They're very happy in each other's company,"Bielby said.

Since the dogs' story went viral, the shelter has been fielding hundreds of calls.

"The number of requests we've been getting -- it's amazing," Bielby said.

People seem to be pretty enthralled by the dynamic duo.

Dogs Glenn and Buzz take naps together at Stray Aid animal shelter in England. Facebook/Stray Aid

"The bond between animals amazes me," one Facebook user commented on the shelter's page. "I hope they find a lovely home soon."

"[I] was so stunned by them today -- it's a fantastic bond they have," another commented.

Glenn gets his strength and confidence from Buzz. That's why they need to stay together, Bielby said.

When the animal shelter first posted about the dogs' situation, they didn't get much of a response. But after thousands of people spread their story, they now have a chance. Well, more than a chance.

The center is working around the clock to sift through around 100 inquiries to figure out how to find a suitable home for the pair.

"They will find a home together," Bielby said. "There's no doubt about that."

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