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12 AARP benefits those over 50 should know

AARP memberships offer a wide range of benefits for the 50-plus community.  Adam Kazmierski/Getty Images

If you're over 50, you may have received AARP mailers, asking you to join their membership. And, it is relatively inexpensive. If you pay the full price, it costs $16 per year - but there are ways to save. You can cut the cost of your membership by paying for multiple years at once or by signing up for autopay. 

But, even though AARP isn't expensive, you want to ensure that you get value when you spend money. With a fee of around $16 per year, a membership wouldn't make sense if you didn't plan on enjoying the benefits of it. Specifically, what are the benefits of an AARP membership when you're over age 50? We gathered a few below to know.

Tap into the benefits of an AARP membership now

12 AARP benefits those over 50 should know

AARP offers a wide range of discounts and benefits across several categories. If you're in your 50s, the following benefits may be worth signing up for.

Retirement planning benefits

AARP offers several retirement planning benefits. These benefits can prove invaluable for members who are over 50: 

  • AARP Social Security Resource Center: This is where you can find answers to some of the most common questions about Social Security benefits. You can find information about how your Social Security benefits are calculated, when to submit a claim and additional information. 
  • Retirement calculator: The AARP retirement calculator can help determine how much money you need to retire. It will give you a better understanding of your retirement timeline and what you'll need in savings to live the quality of life you want in retirement. 
  • Social Security calculator: The Social Security calculator can help you find the optimal time to tap into your Social Security benefits. 

Simplify the retirement planning process with AARP today

Employment-related benefits

Whether you're saving up for retirement or have no plans to leave the workforce, even when you reach retirement age, AARP's employment-related benefits can help. Here are some ways a membership can help you find and secure quality employment opportunities: 

  • AARP Skills Builder for Work: This tool comes with multiple classes you can take to gain high-demand skills. The first course is free and you'll receive discounts on all subsequent courses as part of your AARP membership. 
  • AARP Resume Advisor: AARP members get free resume reviews. And, if you don't have a resume or need help creating yours, you can get a discount on resume writing services. 
  • AARP Job Board: The AARP job board features several jobs you may be interested in. 


Discounts may be the most well-known benefit of an AARP membership. And, when you sign up, you'll find plenty of them. Some popular discount categories include: 

  • Travel: AARP members can potentially save on everything from airfare to hotel bookings and car rentals. You can also take advantage of discounted vacation packages, cruises, tours and more. 
  • Entertainment: AARP offers discounts at local entertainment venues across the United States. You can learn more about entertainment discounts in your area by using the association's local entertainment search feature.   
  • Restaurants: AARP offers discounts at local restaurants. You can use this tool to find restaurants near you that participate in these discounts.  
  • Shopping and groceries: You can potentially save on products ranging from clothing to flowers, gifts, groceries and more with AARP. Use this tool to search for participating stores in your area.  

Events and connections

AARP also offers some social benefits, for those who may be interested:

  • In-person events: You can connect with other AARP members in your area via a directory of events in various communities (some may offer discounted access for AARP members). 
  • Virtual events and classes: The association also hosts virtual events and classes for members. 

The bottom line  

AARP memberships come with a wide range of benefits for the 50-plus community. Whether you're interested in planning for retirement or finding meaningful employment, the association can help. It can also give you access to discounted products and services and help you find connections and events in your community. And, it gives you all of the above benefits for only $16, or less, per year. Sign up for an AARP membership today

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