Aaron Sorkin: Nora Ephron voiced support for "Newsroom"

Aaron Sorkin on "CBS This Morning."
Aaron Sorkin on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Remembering Nora Ephron Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," TV show creator Aaron Sorkin said she showed her support for his HBO series "The Newsroom" when the series was in its infancy.

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"I knew Nora personally and a nicer, more generous woman, you're not likely to meet. She was always very kind to me," Sorkin said. "She was one of the people who very early - people who read 'The Newsroom' pilot - and (she) called HBO and said, 'You have to do this.'"

Ephron died Tuesday of leukemia at the age of 71.

Sorkin said he set out to "do (the 1940 film) 'His Girl Friday' against the backdrop of real-world events." "I love those...Howard Hawks movies...where everybody is talking fast. I love newsroom-type stories. But I wanted to set it in the real world. I wanted to set it against a backdrop of real events. So our show takes place in the very recent past. All the news is real."

Sorkin also discussed why he thinks reporting the news should be exempt from ratings, how he broke his nose while writing the series and why he's drawn to stories about people trying to change things. For all that and more with Sorkin, watch his full "CTM" interview in the video above.