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A Wish On Wheels

If you could have just one wish, what would it be? We asked that question in March, and out of thousands of responses, we selected five wishes--five dreams--that we'll help come true this week.

We started Monday with the story of a man who would give anything to save someone he loves.

Patsy Berchtold Floyd of Cincinnati, Ohio, developed a terrible degenerative kidney disease and was saved from slow, painful death by a kidney transplant from her older brother Rick, a tanker truck driver.

After the operation on Sept. 25 last year, Patsy blossomed into health. But Rick lived with near-constant post-op pain. Too poor to miss work, he kept on truckin'. He was trying to save up to buy a used vehicle; currently, they're a one-car family of five. But his house is sorely in need of a new roof, and now he's saving for that.

Rick refuses to accept help or payment for the numerous other good deeds he does for neighbors and friends. So, in complete secrecy, Patsy wrote to The Early Show asking for help.

On Monday, Patsy and Rick were on the program to tell their story. (Rick had been told has was coming to the studio for a HealthWatch segment on kidney transplants.)

They were met by Richard Gillmore, vice president of communications of Isuzu, which gave Rick a 2002 Isuzu Axiom sport utility vehicle; Ted Marcopolus, vice president of GAF, which donated materials for a new roof for Rick; and Blake Lipham, vice president of Home Depot, which arranged the installation of the new roof.

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