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A White House Protest for Iranians in Iraq

(CBS/Mark Knoller)
Iranian-American protestors have set up camp directly in front of the White House. They're urging President Obama to intervene on behalf of an Iranian enclave inside Iraq.

They're condemning what they describe as a brutal attack on 3,400 Iranians living in a camp north of Baghdad. They are members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, opposed to the regime there.

They accuse Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of sending Iraqi forces into Camp Ashraf at the behest of Iranian leader Ali Khamenei. who wants the Iranian exiles sent back from Iraq.

An American military team assisted wounded residents in the camp after the attack, but the protestors demand that U.S. forces re-take responsibility for security at the camp from Iraqi troops.

In response to the protestors, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said this morning that the White House regrets any loss of life. Gibbs said the U.S. wants the Iraqis to treat all people with humanitarian concerns and he said no one should be put back in a country they don't want to go to.

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