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A Whirlwind McCain Tour of Florida


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(SARASOTA, FLA.) -- Scarfing down strawberry shortcake, dining on Puerto Rican cuisine, and even taking a trip to the dentist, John McCain cut a swath across Florida today as he desperately tried to keep Florida red in this year's presidential election.

A morning stop at a periodontist's office found that he had to lay off some workers because of the economy – something that might have made the children of Altamonte Springs with upcoming appointments happy, but a problem which Dr. Coatoam feared would be made worse under an Obama presidency.

"We are entering an abyss as far as the economy goes, and I think this is the only man that can keep us from sliding down that slope," the periodontist said about McCain.

Next up on the I-4 corridor was Mi Viejo San Juan restaurant, a spot where Florida Sen. Mel Martinez said he had never lost a race when he had visited there during a campaign.

"We're doing well in Florida," McCain said after lunching with business leaders. "I'm happy with the polling numbers." As he should be, because several Florida polls have tightened up recently after Obama had a five point lead just a few days ago.

Dessert was awaiting McCain at Parksdale Farms in Plant City. He had the specialty of the produce stand, strawberry shortcake.

"Boy, that stuff," he said. "These low-cal meals…"

Then it was off to the last rally of the day in Sarasota, after which he will board a plane to do it all over again tomorrow in Colorado, another formerly red state that McCain has to defend.

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