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A Web Of JFK Jr. Plots

True to form, the murky corner of the Internet dedicated to making ominous sense of the senseless had by Tuesday come up with a hundred and one reasons why John F. Kennedy Jr.s death was no more an accident than his dads.

But in Net discussion forums like alt.conspiracy few of the purported plots were likely to inspire Oliver Stone to action.

First, the questions began swirling. Why had no bodies been found? Couldn't a high-tech, top-of-the-line armada like the Coast Guard find an aircraft that was tracked by radar? How was it that only enough debris had washed ashore to establish the identity of the passengers and the certainty of a crash?

Then the eerie coincidences: the crash took place almost 30 years to the day of Ted Kennedys infamous auto accident on Chappaquiddick. At the same time, some suspicious surfers observed, as the moon landing, itself a hoax.

But who would want JFK Jr. to disappear? The plotter is, of course, exposed by his or her motive.

One poster on's message board was convinced that Hillary Clinton did the dirty deed with a magnetic pulse gun in order to prevent young Kennedy from running against her for the U.S. Senate seat from New York.

You saw what happened to those dozens of other mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons, posted John. I'm glad I'm not one of their friends.

But for the discerning theorist, even a lust for high office can't cut it. There must also be a mysterious flash of light, and many say they heard reports of one close to Martha's Vinyard at the time of the crash.

Just a second here. Didn't the Kennedy crash did take place almost three years to the date after the suspicious, bright-light illuminated plunge of TWA Flight 800? A-ha!

Damning motives and coincidences nothwithstanding, it is at least conceivable that trains derail and planes crash because of factors so mundane as human error or mechanical failure. But in the era of immediate cyber-communication, facts to support a proper assessment take their time, while plots to substitute for missing facts appear instantly.

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