A Visit With Elvis' Best Friend

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Thousands of fans have flocked to Memphis to celebrate Elvis week and commemorate the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. "Diamond Joe" Esposito, the man Elvis met in 1959 and considered his best friend until his death in 1977, is also there. He joins The Early Show from Graceland as he remembers his friend.

Esposito met Elvis in Germany while the two served in the Army in 1959. They became fast friends and. after their discharge in 1960, Esposito moved to Memphis and eventually became road manager when Elvis started touring again.

Esposito attended every live Presley show from 1960 until Elvis died. He was co-best man at Elvis' and Priscilla's wedding in 1967. It was widely believed that Esposito saw to every detail of Elvis' life, both professionally and personally.

He was present the day Elvis died. When Elvis' current girlfriend found his body in the bathroom, she called down to Esposito, who tried to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. It was Esposito who told Lisa Marie (who was at the house) and called Priscilla and Colonel Parker. In the days following, Esposito served as the chief spokesman for the entourage and stayed on the estate for a year, cataloging the massive inventory.

Now in a two-hour video and DVD, titled "Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers", Esposito talks about his life with Elvis from the beginning to the end. It contains never-before-seen photos from Esposito's personal collection, news clips, home movies, press conferences, performances, and interviews.

"Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers" is currently available on VHS and DVD.