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A Visit To The Haunted Hotel

The ghosts of Portland's past may be turning up in a most unexpected place - one of the city's stately hotels.

The Heathman Hotel has been experiencing subtle but disturbing changes throughout the year, reports Correspondent Craig Sklar of CBS Affiliate KOIN-TV in Portland.

In room 703, glasses move, a chair moves across the room by itself and lights go out on their own. Larry Adams, the executive housekeeper of the Heatherman says these creepy goings-on can no longer be ignored.
Each day the hotel waits a little longer to book room 703. When they do book it, these disturbing secrets are not told to their guests.

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There are no clear clues to what's going on in the supposedly haunted room. But longtime employee Fidel Semper believes the answer lies four floors down, directly under room 703 in room 303.

According to Semper, room 303 had an incident involving a man named Harris who killed himself back in 1975. He believes it was most likely because Harris was blind. Semper found the body.

Semper isn't sold on the haunted room idea. But others might be. The proof comes with your willingness to stay in room 703 -- alone.

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