A Town With Backbone: Warsaw, Ind.

Warsaw, Ind., has a number of memorable nicknames. It just depends on whom you ask.

When Barbara Lindquist invited The Early Show to visit, she called it the Orthopedic Capital of the World.

A catchy phrase like that caught the attention of The Saturday Early Show anchor Russ Mitchell, who

as part of the continuing "Tour My Town" series.

The city is nestled in northern Indiana, along the historic Lincoln Highway.
When he got there, Mitchell found that orthopedics do, in fact, form a backbone within this city's economy. Three of the five largest orthopedics manufacturers in the world are in Warsaw.

It's an industry rooted deep in the past, reaching back to 1895.

That's when Revra Depuy first fashioned metal splints. Fast forward a good hundred years and you'll find Depuy products all over the world.

Mitchell says Depuy orthopedics are reportedly implanted in notables like athlete Bo Jackson, legendary Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski, and Angela Lansbury, the actress.

Business is booming for Depuy and the rest of its industry. As the baby boomer generation ages, orthopedics is definitely a growth business – and recession proof.

But Warsaw isn't just about orthopedics.