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A Thousand Dollars And A Dream

As we pointed out this morning, New Hampshire opened up its filing period today for the presidential primary (whenever it might be). Prospective candidates have until Nov. 2nd to get onto the ballot and all it takes is a $1,000 filing fee.

Every four years, the state fields candidates who aren't exactly familiar household name brands. And, according to the Associated Press, 2008 looks to be attracting a, well, interesting group of characters. The first candidate to file (by mail): American fugitive Jack Shepard. Listing a temporary home address in Rome, Italy, Shepard is described by the AP like this: "A Republican, he ran for Senate in 2002 and for Congress in Minnesota's 4th District in 2004 and 2006. Authorities have said he was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1979 and became a fugitive after failing to comply with the terms of his parole."

The next candidate to file? Robert Haines, "a long-shot Republican candidate" who "served time in the New Hampshire state prison for pulling a gun on a man while campaigning in the 1996 primary." Should be an exciting campaign.