A 'Survivor' Love Triangle?

Survivor The Amazon logo over image
An unexpected turn of events last week led to tribes that were no longer divided by sexes, but the tension is still in the air.

A love triangle may be developing. Alex Bell and Shawna Mitchell's relationship is growing, but Matthew Von Ertfelda makes a play for Shawna's affection.

In the other tribe, the departure of Jeanne Hebert, the marketing director from North Attleboro, Mass., shocked Christy Smith. She wonders why she was spared.

Also, rocket scientist Dave Johnson will find his formula for success flawed when he learns Butch Lockley and Roger Sexton have their own ideas about who should stay and who should go.

Plus, a contestant's performance at a Reward Challenge leads one challenger to call it the "defining moment" of his life.

Watch the Wednesday broadcast of "Survivor: The Amazon" at 8 p.m. ET and watch Thursday's The Early Show for the show's latest contestant voted off.