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A Stage For Frustrated Suits

By day, Mack Fuller is a numbers-cruncher, a leveraged buyout specialist at Chase Manhattan Bank. The arcane language of high finance fills his head. By night, hip-hop rules, and Fuller's creative juices start flowing, reports CBS News Correspondent Jacqueline Adams.

Like many of his peers in corporate America, Fuller opted for a weekly paycheck -- and a big one at that -- rather than follow a dream of making it in show business. Now, however, he gets to live out his fantasy several nights a year at New York's famous nightclub, The Bitter End.

The "Frustrated Artists in Corporate America Showcase" was organized by advertising executive Doreen Oliver, in part, to satisfy her own stage lust. Oliver found a soulmate in her office mate, guitarist Sarah Shin.

"Some of them don't like their jobs at all...they are aspiring musicians, actors, vocalists or poets," Oliver says.

Some of them are looking for "a way out to get into the field that they really want to be in," she explains.

Not every artist, though, is comfortable in the spotlight.

"I feel like I'm about to faint..." one showcase participant, Matt Sherwin, admits to his audience.

But having fellow bankers, lawyers and advertising executives in the audience offers others some comfort.

"Here in the audience, I have basically my peers, people who corporate America," Fuller says.

The odds of launching a new career for any of the frustrated artists are slim. Many are happy just to hear the squeal of their groupies, even if they're all in the same boat.

Reported By Jacqueline Adams

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