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A Slice of Paradise

One Key To Success Is To Be Different

A Slice Of Paradise

(Louisville) Going through Louisville the other day, I got the impression America was turning into one gigantic strip mall. Every town has a street or streets like this where franchise after franchise and chain store after chain store creates a kind of unsubtle sameness.

These strip malls are stripping us of our individuality. They're 'malling' our senses to death. Who wants to live in an odorless, colorless, tasteless shopping utopia with plenty of free parking?


What America needs is a few more places like this — places like Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Unidentified Man #1: It's good coffee.

Unidentified Woman #1: It's funky.

Ms. Lynn Winter (owner, Lynn's Paradise Cafe): Just you all grab a seat. We'll be with you all in just a sec.

Smith ...owned and operated by Lynn Winter.

Ms. Winter: Oh, it's good to see you! Hey!

Smith: The decor is best described as early garage sale...

Ms. Winter: This is the famous catfish I caught out in Wyoming with the cigar. He was actually smoking when I caught him.

Smith: ...lots of formica kitchen tables and lots of lamps you're glad you don't own.

So what do we think about this lamp?

Unidentified Woman #2: We love it!

Unidentified Woman #3: Beautiful.

Woman #2: It's great.

Ms. Winter: There's a lot of fancy restaurants, but they're all stamped out of the same thing. Here you're not going to get the same thing, for better or worse.

Smith: Yet somehow it all works, especially the concrete animals.

Ms. Winter: So, of course, you can't have enough concrete animals.

Smith: The decor may draw you in, but the real reason people come here is food.

Unidentified Woman #4: Are you sure you don't like cheese grits? You better taste these.

Woman #1: Grits, they're so good.

Ms. Winter: We've got some yummy specials.

Smith: Lynn's Paradise Cafe serves home cooking that's better than mom's.

Unidentified Waiter: I made that ...(unintelligible) with extra love just for you.

Smith: What do you want people to get when they come here?

Ms. Winter: Really, I would like to be able to give them happiness.

Smith: Happiness starts with home-grown produce.

Ms.Winter: Mm-hmm. Really tart.

Unidentified Man #2: You are going to use those I think...

Smith: From apples to goat cheese, Lynn gets it local. That turns into food that brings a smile to your face.

Ms. Winter: This is my favorite. This is our lobster claw pasta.

Smith: Right.

Ms. Winter: Which you can actually... (Winter plays the lobster claw)

Smith: Very nice.

Ms. Winter: I love you guys!

Smith: The hugs are not on the menu.

Ms. Winter: Hi, honey!

Smith:But they come with just about every meal.

Ms. Winter: How are you?

Smith: An investment banker once told Lynn he'd like to build 50 Paradise Cafes just like hers. "Definitely reproducible," he said. She said...

Ms. Winter: It is the spirit that's not reproducible, baby, so get over it.

Smith: o, you won't find anything like this out in franchise land.

Ms. Winter: Pictures of our satisfied customers.

Smith: Lynn and her pals made this mural for the restaurant, celebrating the greatness of Louisville and Kentucky.

You got Muhammad Ali.

It's made entirely out of corn cobs. In a world that's declared similarity to be the key to success, Lynn dares to be different.

Ms. Winter: No, you can't leave. I'm sorry.

Smith:What a concept.

Ms. Winter: Bye, you guys! Bye!

Smith: Harry Smith, CBS News, Louisville.

First aired on the CBS Evening News

January 03, 1997

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