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A Slice Of 'Laughing Pizza'

The words "laughing" and "pizza" conjure up happy thoughts in most people's minds.

Put them together and you have Laughing Pizza, a family-friendly pop trio decked out in colorful clothes and singing, you guessed it, infectiously happy songs.

The Pizzas are songwriters Lisa Michaelis and Billy Schlosser and their 10-year-old daughter Emily.

"Lisa and I started Laughing Pizza because we were both teachers and songwriters in an earlier life. We quit the music business. I went into a corporate job, and then Emily got to a certain age and she was past Barney and past the earlier kind of music." Schlosser told The Showbuzz. "We felt like there was nothing really there for her that we could enjoy with her that was age-appropriate. Everybody likes the slick MTV-style videos, so why not do some that are good for 6-year-olds?"

"As this has evolved she is now totally a band member, and is on the road with us and is really writing these songs with us," added Michaels.

Laughing Pizza is out with "Meet The Pizzas" a new DVD collection of their music videos. They've also recently released the CD "Share A Smile."

The trio hopes to have a television show in the near future, but for now they'll continue to tour, promote the new album and DVD — and share plenty of smiles.
By Judy Faber