A Salad Garden To Last All Summer

Forget running to the store every time you feel like having a salad.

The Early Show gardening guru Charlie Dimmock says it's easy to grow all of the ingredients by yourself. All you need is sun, water and a little bit of space.

Salad gardens need constant watering, so Dimmock says, ideally, you should plant when the soil is damp. The key, she says, is to plant symmetrically, and space vegetables so there is room for them to grow

Dimmock planted a salad garden in a small space in her backyard

The following is Dimmock's explanation of how she did it:

I've got three types of lettuce, and I'm going to plant them alternately so that it looks really pretty. The other thing about lettuce: we used to let them get really really big and then cut the whole thing. These days, what we do is we just keep picking the leaves so they just keep regenerating.

I'm going to break these up. When you buy them at a garden center, you often get four or five plants in a pot. You want to put them about six inches apart.