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A-Rod Visits the White House: What Could Possibly Happen?

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Sure there's financial reform to enact and immigration laws to be debated, but the White House is occupied Monday with what is perhaps its greatest responsibility - welcoming millionaire athletes for high fives, photo ops and tours.

This time, it's the New York Yankees, reaping the final reward for their 2009 World Series triumph. Alas, the event had to be moved indoors to the East Room because of, you guessed it, a rain out. (Bucking baseball tradition, however, the White House announced the change earlier this morning, as opposed to most teams who closely guard their fans' right to sit in a rain-soaked stadium for hours, scarfing down overpriced cheese fries and even more overpriced beer).

So what news could possibly come out of today's event? Aren't these things the equivalent of cotton candy - empty calories that just make you sick if you have too much? Usually. But what makes this event unique is the presence of one man - Alex Rodriguez.

That's because A-Rod is back to being A-Rod. Who could forget last year's pledge to just let his baseball do the talking (besides the pre-season steroid admission and his very public courtship of Kate Hudson)? His renewed focus on the game led to a mammoth postseason performance, without which the Yanks wouldn't be rubbing elbows with the leader of the free world today.

But last week, baseball got what it has been privately starving for- an A-Rod controversy, this one involving Oakland's Dallas Braden, a pitcher's mound, dismissive insults and thinly veiled threats of physical retaliation.

So that's got us at thinking: What could possibly come from A-Rod's visit to the nation's capital?

Maybe he'll "inadvertently" stroll through the Oval Office during a national security briefing.

"President Obama just told me to get out of his office. I was a little surprised. I'd never quite heard that. Especially from a guy that's been in office for a year and a half ... I thought it was pretty funny actually," A-Rod might say if the president complains.

Or maybe he'll break the unwritten rule of not trampling the flora in the Rose Garden. The Situation Room is available for poker games, isn't it? And would anybody really be surprised if the portrait of George Washington in the East Room mysteriously gets swapped out for this?

We can only wait, hope and pray.