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A 'Real World' Protest

Nine people were arrested outside the house where MTV's "The Real World" is being taped, saying they fear the show will bring more gentrification in the North Side neighborhood.

The nine were arrested late Saturday and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Police said protesters gathered shortly before midnight in front of the building in the Wicker Park neighborhood where the show is being taped. Some blocked traffic on the street and some attempted to stop an officer from questioning one who was writing in chalk on the sidewalk, police said.

Various groups have been mounting occasional protests outside the house for several weeks. They maintain the taping is forcing out the artists and hipsters who made Wicker Park popular.

"I think it's absurd that what's passing as an artsy neighborhood has a Starbucks on one corner and a house sponsored by a megacorporation like (MTV parent) Viacom on the other corner," said protest spokesman Salem Collo-Julin.

"The Real World," now in its 10th season, tapes the lives of seven strangers who have agreed to live together. It has been taped in several cities over the years including Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle and London. is also a part of the Viacom family.

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