A Real Indiana Jones

Hillary Clinton's campaign has managed the expectations game brilliantly up to this point, proving able to pick out those "must-win" contests on ground of their own choosing. Lose eleven in a row? No problem, they were looking at Ohio and Texas all the way. The next step was supposed to be Pennsylvania, but has the expectations game suddenly turned on Clinton?

At this point, Clinton is such a heavy favorite to win in Pennsylvania that she's in danger of failing expectations there – not to mention the increased attention on what comes next. For now, the guessing game involves the margin of a Clinton win in the Keystone State on April 22nd, not the outcome. But what will be considered a "win" for Clinton? More importantly, has the focus of the media now shifted from PA and on into North Carolina and Indiana on May 6th? Has Clinton's strength in the next big contest actually shifted the importance on into two states where her chances are much less certain? With Barack Obama a heavy favorite in North Carolina, is Indiana now the end-all, be-all for her campaign? If so, Clinton finds herself with a real-life Indiana Jones.