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A Pro Gives Air Travel Tips

Seizing upon his experience, the air travel industry has chosen Capt. James Lovell as their spokesman to help bring Americans back into the skies following a steep decline in air travel in the wake of Sept. 11. He visits The Early Show to talk about the travel industry.

The following are his travel tips:

Know when the busy times are and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Pack light. There is less of a tendency to have to search your baggage.

When possible, check your bag. You don't have to worry about it getting searched and being held up in line or going through the detector.

Always have your photo ID on hand. Lots of times people are slowed down and slow down the line because they can't find their ID.

Don't attempt to carry any metal objects. Put them in your handbags before you get to the front of the line, even coins. Stay away from big belt buckles and if you have nail files or hair clips or something that looks like a knife, just check it ahead of time. Randomly, they do select people and check shoes. If you carry a computer, you will be asked to take the computer out and send it through the detector separately.

For more information, visit the American Society of Travel Agents and Locate A Travel Agency.

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