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A Penny For Her Thoughts?

With just six competitors left, the endgame is starting to take shape on Survivor: Thailand.

Penny Ramsey, the 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Plano, Texas, was sent packing following an unusual vote at tribal council. She shared her thoughts about the game on the The Early Show.

Penny Ramsey and Jake Billingsley were the only two surviving members of the Sook Jai tribe. Yet she turned on him and voted against him in tribal council in a strategy that backfired. She wasn't apologetic about it, either.

"I voted for Jake, because, you know, the Chuay Gahn tribe had told me that's what I needed to do to secure myself there another three days," Ramsey told Julie Chen. "That it was going to be an interesting vote, and some people were voting for me and other people were voting for Jake, and if I wanted to stay on the island, I needed to vote for Jake. So that's what I did."

It had appeared that Jake was being targeted as the next to go. Why, Chen asked, did she think she was voted off, and not Jake?

"I think maybe I was seen as a bigger threat than Jake was [at the] last minute. I think maybe I was scheming a little bit, you know, more than Jake was towards the end. And so people thought that maybe I was fitting in a little bit better than he was at that time. So I think it was time for me to go," she said.

Ramsey admitted she had been distancing herself from Billingsley, going so far as to extinguish one of his torches in the immunity challenge.

"Well, Jake and I actually had talked about our alliance, because obviously we've had one from the very beginning. And we thought it was in our best interest, being down to two members, to distance ourselves and let Chuay Gahn see us as two separate people so that we could get further on in this game.

" And I think it was actually kind of capped it for me when Jake and Helen went in the canoe to go get water, as you saw last night, and Jake had a conversation with Helen. And as soon as Brian and Clay had gotten back from their elephant trip, Helen went straight to Brian and Clay and said, 'I've got to talk to you guys. You do not know what Jake's been saying while y'all have been gone.' So I knew that what Jake was trying to do wasn't working because I saw it right in front of my own eyes."

She thought that Clay Jordan was pretty sneaky - after all, he had promised to take her to the final four - but admired him and everyone else. "I think right now everybody's a good player. And I think everybody's playing the game hard, right now."

Ramsey wasn't really sure whether any one castaway could be described as THE leader.

"You know, from the very beginning when we did merge, it seemed like, you know, maybe Helen and Brian were, kind of, leading the tribe. But then, looking back at the immunity challenge last night, seeing the way that Ted and Jan both came after me pretty strongly, putting my fire out first, it kind of made me think that maybe they're the leaders of the tribe," she said. "So I think there is a lot of leadership going on."

Shii Ann Huang had described Ramsey as being very manipulative and not as sweet as she appeared.

"The thing is you can make accusations about anybody and say whatever you want. That's what Shii Ann was doing to try to keep herself in the game. Luckily, there wasn't a merge and I was able to stay on. But had I been manipulative, I think we would have seen some actions coming from me, but you never did."

Ramsey was not a big fan of Huang and never really bonded with her, particularly after the two tribes started living together. "It was amazing to see Shii Ann. We lived with her for 18 days before the two tribes lived together. And to see, she was just a totally different person from the first minute we set foot on the island…"

She went on: " I think we were as nice as we could be to her and accepting of everybody out there. And maybe she just felt that she didn't fit in."

After Huang was voted off the island, Ramsey set out to convince the Chuay Gahn tribe that she wasn't the person Huang had portrayed. "So after she was gone I took it upon myself to, I went to go talk to each one of these Chuay Gahn members and let them see the real Penny for who she is and be the sweet person that I am and a nice person, and not the manipulative person that Shii Ann left as my reputation."

But Ramsey did have trouble talking to Ted. "He rolls his eyes a lot," she said. "Ted was actually one of the hardest people I felt to get to know there. He was one you would try to talk to. And you could never get him to talk back to you."

But she thought it was a smart ploy - not letting the "enemy" know too much about him - advice she probably should have taken.

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