A New Year's Resolution That Isn't

If a vote were held right now, it appears NONE of the proposed Iraq War Resolutions would pass in the Senate. But a vote won't come before next week and so supporters of the two main competing versions are negotiating for the precious votes they need to tip the balance in their favor.

One thing has been decided. The critical version originally proposed by Democratic Senator Joe Biden and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is dead. That's the one that slammed the Bush Administration by saying the President's troop increase "is not in the national interest of the United States."

Why is it dead? It needed ALL the Democrats and 10 Republicans to sign on to make it filibuster-proof. But too many Republicans are worried such a strong statement, even though it would have been only symbolic, would empower the enemy.

Now, the new apparent top contender is the Iraq Resolution proposed by Republican Senator John Warner. Like the Biden version, it expresses disapproval for the President's troop "augmentation," but is somewhat less critical. And to lure Republican votes, Senator Warner has now added language pledging not to cut funding for the troops in the field.

Also in play is an Iraq Resolution proposed by Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham. This one, unlike Senator Warner's, expresses implicit support for Commander Lt. Gen. David Petraeus and ensures he will have the resources he needs to fulfill the mission.

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    Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington.