A New Stunt To Get Sanjaya Off "Idol"

Justice of VoteSanjayaOff.com phones in to this week's BlogBuzz podcast to talk about his campaign to live in a tent on a city rooftop until Sanjaya Malakar is voted off "American Idol."

The producer of "Chio In The Morning" on WRDW-FM in Philadelphia has been living in a little tent on top of the roof of a local Toyota dealership for the last week.

He's battled rain and wind - but swears he won't leave while Sanjaya remains on "Idol."

He'll explain how the radio show's fans are reacting, how he keeps himself amused, how he bathes, and - yes - how he goes to the bathroom.

Find a warm, dry place to settle in, then to listen!

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By Judy Faber