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A New Ride for McCain as He Heads to a Crucial Swing State

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(WASHINGTON) Making up for a couple of visits he canceled over the past few months, John McCain will head to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this morning to tour Turbine Airfoil Design. He'll then travel a couple of hours east to visit Worth & Company, Inc., a mechanical contracting company in Pipersville, Pennsylvania, where he'll take a tour and hold a town hall.

Spending more time in Pennsylvania is likely to become a priority for McCain, as the numbers in this swing state show Barack Obama ahead 52% to 40%, according to recent Quinnipiac University poll. Pennsylvania went Democratic four years ago, when John Kerry beat President Bush there by about three percentage points.

When he heads to the Keystone State this morning, McCain will be traveling on a new flying Straight Talk Express. It's modeled after the buses McCain uses when he's traveling by ground rather than winging his way across the country. The Boeing 737 will be larger than the Jet Blue plane the campaign has been chartering, and will have first class seating for the senator and his staff, power outlets, and TV-quality lighting for interviews (alas, no more actual TV's, like the Jet Blue plane).

McCain heads out of the country on Tuesday, with stops in Colombia and Mexico before taking a few days off over the Fourth of July.

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