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A New Bag For Monopoly Game

Fans of the game Monopoly will have yet another choice to make before landing on Park Place or passing Go. For the first time in almost half a century, a new playing piece has been added to the popular board game, reports News2 Correspondent Morry Alter of CBS Station WCBS-TV in New York.

Parker Brothers introduced Monopoly to the public in 1935, and Hasbro bought Parker in 1991. But those who love to game don't care about that stuff. They just like to play, and most have their favorite game piece.

With the introduction of the bag of money, there are 11 Monopoly game pieces. An informal poll by Alter shows that guys seem to favor the car. Gals don't name one game piece in particular, but the shoe, the dog, and the horse are among those mentioned. The other pieces are the top hat, the bell, the iron, the cannon, the wheelbarrow, and the battleship. (Each game also comes with $15,140 in various denominations of fake bills.)

How was the new piece chosen? A million and a half Monopoly fans narrowed nominees down to a field of three: the moneybag, the piggy bank, and the biplane. Among ideas that did not make the final cut: the bag of golf clubs and the cat -- probably to go with the dog.

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