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A New Bad Girl On 'The O.C.'

Following in the footsteps of Mischa Barton, actress Willa Holland is Newport's newest bad girl on Fox's hit drama "The O.C."

Holland plays the troublemaking little sister of Barton's character, Marissa Cooper, who was killed off in a shocking season two finale.

Playing a girl with a bad rep can be a lot of fun, says the 15-year-old actress, who is the step-daughter of director Brian De Palma.

"She can get away with things I would never be able to do in my life — things I don't even try to do because I know they won't happen! She's the bad seed that gets away with whatever she wants," Holland says in the new issue of Teen magazine, available Nov. 7.

Still, what good is it to play a bad girl when you don't have a partner in crime? When Barton's character was killed off the show, "I was sad about it," she tells the magazine. "I mean, she was my sister. I was wondering where the story would go from there, but it's all planned out."

Holland's warm welcome to the "O.C." fold was apparently all planned out as well.

Her first day on set "was the most nerve-wracking day of my life," says Holland, whose previous TV credits include Lisa Kudrow's recent TV series "The Comeback". "The ride (to the set) took an hour and the whole time I was wondering if the cast was going to like me. I was so nervous. But when I got there, everyone was welcoming and there was a bouquet of flowers and a gift basket in my dressing room that said, 'Welcome to the family.'"

Being a member of this family means she must follow the rules by not divulging any upcoming plot twists.

"Josh Schwartz, the show's creator, would definitely kill me. I have that written in my contract," she says.

But she's open when asked which "O.C" guy she's partial to, Seth or Ryan.

"I will always be on the fence about that one. I will never be able to choose," she says.