A Lot To Lose

New Research On A Popular Diet Plan

More than 52 million Americans are trying to lose weight.

They are using a variety of different methods, all with a single goal - to shed unwanted pounds for a happier, healthier life.

In "A Lot to Lose," 48 Hours examines several weight-loss methods, including the controversial Dr. Atkins Diet, the Fobi Pouch, an 84-year old woman known as "the food Nazi" and prescriptions and over-the-counter diet methods.

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The Doctor's Diet: One of the best-selling books of all time, The Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, has attracted more than 30 million American dieters. It works but is it safe? It is one of the diets discouraged in medical circles because it is high in fat. But new research shows it may not be as bad for dieters as everyone thought.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Another highly controversial weight-loss method for morbidly obese people is the Fobi Pouch, created by Dr. Mathias Fobi. 48 HOURS revisits Ruthie Rooks of Yucca Valley, Calif., and her mother, both of whom underwent this radical surgery two years ago.

Nutritionist to the Stars: When former model Lani Netter, 45, decided to get serious about dieting, she hired Hermien Lee, a Beverly Hills nutritionist to the stars, who's part drill sergeant, part psychologist and part grandmother. Lee teaches that changing eating habits, eating well balanced, low-carbohydrate meals and exercising properly will get you in shape.

Mixed Signals: Many overweight people believe their extra weight is not their fault. Now, nationally renowned obesity expert, Dr. Louis Aronne of New York, believes genetics may play a role in some people's overindulgence in food. He believes a hormonal imbalance sends signals to the brain indicating that the body has not stored enough fat. If this is the case, medication can help and the search is on for a "magic bullet" – a drug that can trick the body into thinking it's full.

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