A Look At The Baseball Hall Of Fame

Baseball's Hall of Fame balloting was announced today, but Mark McGwire was left out of the honor. He hit 583 homers, including what was then a record 70 in 1998, but he has been suspected of using steroids and that has damaged his candidacy.

What Are The Rules For Election To The Hall?

According to the National Baseball League:
  • A baseball player must have been active as a player in the Major Leagues at some time during a period beginning twenty years before and ending five years prior to election.
  • Player must have played in each of ten Major League championship seasons.
  • Player shall have ceased to be an active player in the Major Leagues at least five calendar years preceding the election but may be otherwise connected with baseball.
  • In case of the death of an active player or a player who has been retired for less than five full years, a candidate who is otherwise eligible shall be eligible in the next regular election held at least six months after the date of death or after the end of the five year period, whichever occurs first.
  • Any player on Baseball's ineligible list shall not be an eligible candidate.
  • What Is The Difference Between A Hall Of Famer And An Honoree?

    A Hall of Famer is a former player, manager, executive, or umpire who has been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. An honoree is a J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner or a Ford C. Frick Award winner.

    Who Decides The Team Logo To Be Used On Induction Plaques?

    The choice of which team's logo appears on a player's plaque is the Baseball Museum's decision, and they say it's important the logo be emblematic of the historical accomplishments of that player's career. Every team for whom a player has been with is listed on the plaque, but the logo selection is based on where that player makes his most indelible mark.

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