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A Hollywood Coach For Clinton

President Clinton is getting more help from Hollywood.

His friend and TV producer Harry Thomason is staying in Washington to help Mr. Clinton get ready for his testimony Monday in the Monica Lewinsky case.

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Thomason appeared Tuesday before grand jurors investigating the president. CBS News White House Correspondent Bill Plante reports that the grand jury wanted to know about damage-control efforts and what the president had told him. He says he testified that Mr. Clinton told him nothing about his relationship with Lewinsky.

"I've always believed the president was telling the truth, " Thomason said.

Thomason came to Washington in January when news of the story first broke and ending up staying at the White House for weeks. Sources say he was warned by lawyers not to learn too much about the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship because he might have to testify about it.

Sources familiar with Thomason's testimony say he told the grand jury that he suggested that the president should give a more forceful statement about the Lewinsky matter, but that he did not tell the president what to say

Deputy White House Counsel Cheryl Mills also testified Tuesday, Plante reports.

Meanwhile, the president's personal lawyer, David Kendall, went to court Tuesday to look at a videotape of Mr. Clinton's January testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit.

That suit against the president has since been dismissed but the tape is still under court seal. Kendall won permission from Judge Susan Webber Wright in Arkansas to view it under supervision of Judge Norma Holloway Johnson in Washington district court.

Other attorneys suggest Kendall wants to scutinize his client's body language and presentation before next week's testimony. It's like looking art football films, one told Plante.

Sources say the president will face as many as six hours of questions, and queries will be made on the testimony of Lewinsky and more than 100 other witnesses.

Sources also say special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is unlikely to share any information with Mr. Clinton's lawyers in advance of his testimony about what evidence FBI tests have found on Lewinsky's dress.

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