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A Haircut To Change Your Life

Feng shui, the centuries-old philosophy of creating a positive energy flow - or "chi," as the Chinese call it - is now being applied to everything from architecture to clothing.

Now, stylists from Sullo Salon in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, promise a feng shui haircut that will change your whole life.

Maritza Daman was looking for a new style to add some pizzazz to her life. Her new feng shui cut began not in the stylist's chair, but with a questionnaire.

At first, the survey seems to have no connection to hair. But stylist David Tenoco said knowing Marzita's astrological sign and whether she prefers sugar to meat helps him determine how he should style her hair.

"She's the fire element," Tenoco said. "The fire element has different characteristics. For haircutting, we use the, like, triangular shapes; all the lines get together, angles, very sharp angles."

Feng shui followers believe the wrong cut interrupts your positive energy flow - preventing you from reaching optimum success.

"I think everyone should be doing this kind of learning about feng shui," said Tenoco. "Because it improves their life."

Before Tenoco took out the brush and scissors, he pulled out his compass. He said with feng shui, where you cut is just as important as how you cut.

"It says that I have to be cutting her hair north, to enhance the romance part of her relationship," said Tenoco.

Daman was pleased with her new haircut.

"It's a lot more sexy, which is definitely what I needed," she said. "It definitely makes me feel more like the temptress which is great."

Feng shui is not just for your hair. It can also transform the entire face.

Saturday Early Show anchor Gretchen Carlson decided to try out a feng shui treatment. After determining that Gretchen's element is earth, make-up artist Fernando Castano began her transformation.

"Since her element is earth, the colors we are going to achieve on her face are the yellows and the browns and the warm tones," said Castano.

A few dabs of make-up, a quick blow dry and Gretchen's look was complete.

The Sullo Salon has seen its feng shui business triple in the last few months. Starting this month, it will offer classes to stylists all over the country.