A Great Communicator

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
President Bush got a new press secretary today. What does it mean? It might mean a lot.

Tony Snow is a great communicator. I said a great communicator, not the great communicator. He knows the business of print, radio and TV — all those years writing editorials, his time hosting Fox News Sunday, his radio show. Incredible preparation. And he has a sense of humor. No better weapon when trying to disarm an adversarial press corps — which they should be, by the way.

Here's the bonus though: Snow has not hesitated to be critical of the president which gives him a kind of double edged street cred.

True believers will know someone is inside pulling for the right. Right stuff. And others will know Snow won't want to be buffaloed.

A guy like Snow has chance to make a difference. But, can he be true to himself and true to the president? We'll see.

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