A golfer's journey from tee to shining tee

Luke Bielawski playing golf on the road in Texas.

(CBS News) A golf lover's dream. What if America were one big golf course? We met a man living the dream in this week's "On The Road."

Out in the middle of the west Texas desert, it almost looks like a mirage. Like a man, in a white polo shirt, with maybe a seven iron?

Talk about off course. We found 24-year-old law student Luke Bielawski miles from the nearest fairway, hitting shot after shot toward the eastern horizon.

Bielawski says he's hit about 16,000 strokes so far.

But what would par be?

"I estimated 48,000, and that was based off of a feasibility study that I did in Indiana," Bielawski said.

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Obviously, this is no ordinary golf hole.

In fact, this may be the world's longest golf hole - stretching from tee to shining tee.

Luke began in May at the Pacific Ocean. He'll end on the 18th green of a course on the Atlantic.

Luke Bielawski is playing golf across the U.S. CBS

In between, 3,000 miles of busy roads and orange groves - bad lies on railroad ties - and every obstacle under the tank.

He's golfing across the country, partly to raise money for charity and partly just to see if it can be done.

So far, things look promising. He hasn't even hit anybody.

He estimates it'll take him another three months and 30,000 strokes to hit the green he's shooting for.

He travels with a small support team in a trailer and a beefed-up golf cart which he drives most of the time.

Other than that, he plays like any other golfer, hitting them as they lie, wishing he could lie about how many he hit.

At this point it's looking like he may end up a few thousand over par. Where's a beer cart when you need one?

"It's a big country and you realize why nobody has done this," said Bielawski.

To follow Luke Bielawski's journey across the country and to learn more about the Get On The Green Foundation, visit www.getonthegreen.org.

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