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A Glorious Distraction

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

So the vice president shoots a guy and we don't find out about it for a day? How are we to interpret this? That Dick Cheney loathes the press and doesn't feel he has a responsibility to inform them of such things? That it's none of our business. How about: It wasn't a big deal? What's all the fuss about?

All kinds of folks have come to the vice president's defense, saying he's a master hunter and that the shooting could not possibly have been his fault.

Hunters I talked to today say hang on a minute. They say when hunting in a group like that, it's everyone's responsibility to stay in verbal communication — you know that dreaded two-way street — and maybe the vice president was shooting out of his zone. Nit pickers.

But oh, what a glorious distraction. Last week we learned that "Scooter" Libby told a grand jury that his superiors told him told him to leak certain classified information. Superiors like his boss, Dick Cheney? Hmm, that kind of shot could have real consequences.

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By Harry Smith

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