A Global Rally

This photo released by the Montgomery County police Department, Saturday, July 22, 2006, shows a person the police have dubbed the "wig Lady". Authorities say a short, well-dressed middle-aged woman has been walking into banks in Montgomery County, Md., and the District of Columbia wearing wigs and other accessories to impersonate account holders.(AP Photo/Montgomery County Police via the Washington Post)
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Earth Day activities this year stretch from coast to coast and across the oceans. Millions are expected at events from Tel Aviv to Tokyo stoked to join celebrations climaxing Saturday via the Earth Day Network and its Internet links.

Leonardo DiCaprio may win over a younger crowd as the celebrity host of Saturday's EarthFair 2000 on Washington's National Mall, with musical acts, and exhibits and stages powered by renewable fuels, such as wind, solar and biomass. Veteran performers include James Taylor, Carole King, Sweet Honey in the Rock and Melanie Griffith.

This year's global theme is clean energy, according to Denis Hayes, one of Earth Day's founders in 1970, and head of the Bullitt Foundation. "We presently have the technology,...fuel cells, solar cells, hydrogen." Hayes cited environmentalists' call for ratification of the Kyoto global climate change treaty; only 17 nations have ratified the 1997 accord targeting fossil fuel pollution. U.S ratification is not expected soon, due to congressional opposition and since final agreeable terms are not complete.

American celebrations include these:

  • An energy fast in West Hollywood, Calif., calls on people to curb their wattage by turning off switches.
  • El Paso, Texas, plans to use a game to educate kids on the wisdom of recycling.
  • In Ohio, wrecks along Lake Erie will be located, while in Atlanta a diving expedition will scoop up unwanted bottles from Lake Lanier.
Map Your Earth Day Inclination
Don't see your favorite country listed? The Earth Day Network has a searchable index.

Events before the weekend are planned for 185 nations, such as South Africa's staging of a mock nuclear eacuation from the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station near Cape Town.

In Gabon, Africa, a talking-drum event will telegraph ecological messages from the depths of the Mingouli forest to the capital of Libreville. There, the Internet will be enlisted to spread the word.

For Sri Lanka, Earth Day means a focus on sustainable farming and local medical practices.

Croatia has only recently emerged from war, but several activities are planned promoting care of the Adriatic Sea, planting trees and saluting the sun's energy.

And in Mexico, gatherings will take on a spiritual nature and honor native peoples.

China plans a green pledge and school lessons.

If in Rome on Earth Day, you must do as the Romans do: go carless.

Other major cities are turning their backs on the almighty auto:

Praising 25-year-old DiCaprio's involvement, Hayes noted other stars' promotion of causes, including Tom Cruise's role in 1990's Earth Day. Untitled

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