A Family's Shame

Fighting To Stop A Son's Execution

What happens when a vicious criminal turns out to be your child or sibling? 48 Hours takes a probing look at family members coping with the ordeal of having a killer in the family.

A Son On Death Row: Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on the Robisons, who are fighting to save their son from execution. But the killer himself, Larry Robison, says that he is ready to die.

Fighting To Save A Son: As the appeals drag on, the Robison family becomes divided over whether to keep fighting to save Larry Robison's life.

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A Mother's Duty: Correspondent Susan Spencer reports on policewoman Molly McIntyre's sense of duty in a murder case where her son is a suspect.

A Life And Death Decision: After her son is charged with murder, Molly McIntyre plays a forceful role in the trial. Will she succeed?