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A Family Friendly Internet

There are filters available that block specific sites from children....but there's a new approach called Kids' CyberHighway. It was developed by The Learning Company and is being made available for free for the first year to AT&T's WorldNet subscribers. WorldNet President Dan Schulman...

"What the software does is it really acts almost like a playground with a fence around it for children, that makes sure that kids have a safe way of reaching and exploring more than three thousand child friendly Internet sites."

Current or new WorldNet subscribers can install the software...

"Kids CyberHighway functions as an attachment to the Internet Explorer browser and basically it enables familiar tasks like navigation, bookmarking, chat and printing. However, children can not venture from Kids CyberHighway and those three thousand sites into other parts of the Internet without a password and that's only known to their parents."

Another option being made available for free for the first the use of the popular filtering program CyberPatrol. You can find more information at

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