A Family Affair, Part 2

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

CONCORD, N.H. -- Hillary Clinton surprised supporters (and the press) when she appeared at her first campaign stop today accompanied by her daughter, Chelsea, and her mother, Dorothy Rodham.

This is the first time Clinton has campaigned with them in New Hampshire -- the three first appeared together in Iowa on December 8th.

As the press plane landed in Concord early this morning, we pulled up alongside Clinton's newly wrapped royal blue bus with a large sign which reads, "Working For Change Working For You." She is bringing her new campaign theme to New Hampshire for the first time since unveiling it in Iowa nearly a week ago. Today's first event was set inside the Carter Hill Orchard, where most of the apple trees were tucked beneath a few feet of snow.

Clinton spoke for nearly an hour where she continued to emphasize the theme that she is the candidate who can bring change because she has the experience to do it.

Clinton reminded those present that when she campaigned with her husband in 1992 she saw people who didn't have health care, workers who had lost their jobs and families who were facing foreclosure on their homes saying "we listened and we acted and we had the best economy that our country has seen in a generation." Clinton went on to say that after eight years of a Bush presidency, many in New Hampshire are facing the very same problems.

Following her speech both Clinton and Chelsea shook hands and posed for pictures.