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A double-dose of Internet education for you (on the history of "cute" and "spam")

(CBS News) If there's something we know and love a lot here at The Feed, it's "cute". Beyond the array of all things amazing on The Feed that should make it obvious, I even went ahead and made the point of stating this indisputable fact when I showed you all "the cutest hedgehog in the history of ever" last month. But can you really know something fully without understanding some its history and where it came from? For that we turn now to Hank Green (also of the vlogbrothers) in the video above to help us gain a deeper understanding of what actually is "cute".

The video was posted by YouTube user SciShow and features Hank Green, who has been featured here on The Feed a few times before, giving three scientific reasons behind the concept of "cute".  What's that?  You question my use of the term and how scientific this all might actually be?  Well, we love science and definitely endorse questioning of all kinds, so here's a Google document with all the citations used that you can read.  Way to be thorough, SciShow!

And to continue our Internet education: do you know what's not cute? Spam! It's like the kryptonite of all things cute. Okay, okay, obviously links that trick you into looking at pictures of scary spiders are the real kryptonite of cute, but spam is definitely up there on the list of archenemies. So here to help us learn more about spam, including how it got its meat product name, are Mario and Fafa of Glove and Boots to give us some insight and history.  Watch and learn.

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