A Different Way To Learn

Imagine learning to play a song on an instrument -- a trumpet, flute, or mandolin. Now imagine learning that song without looking at a sheet of music. That's called the Suzuki method, and it all began with Shinichi Suzuki in Japan.

He realized that kids learn their own language by listening and repeating. So he figured they could learn to play instruments the same way.

More than 300,000 kids are now using his method. And their parents are very happy with the results. "[My parents] are proud of me," said a Suzuki method student. "And I'm proud of myself, too."

In January, Shinichi Suzuki died in Japan. He was 99 years old. His "Suzuki method" will live on.

From 'In The News' with CBS News correspondent Dan Raviv. ©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved